Brazil’s Lower House President Cunha resigns

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Eduardo Cunha says he is a victim of persecution for having launched impeachment process against Rousseff.

Maria Paz Salas  - SANTIAGO, Chile (AA) – The leader of Brazil’s lower house of Congress resigned Thursday amid corruption accusations.

Eduardo Cunha has retained his seat in Congress, however, he can still lose it in an open process in the Chamber of Deputies.

The Supreme Court had already suspended Cunha from his duties as legislative president due to allegations of obstruction of justice corruption that include possession of Swiss bank accounts with millions of dollars from alleged bribes.

“Just my resignation could help stabilize the Chamber,” Cunha said during a news conference.

Cunha said he is victim of persecution for having launched the impeachment process that could lead to the dismissal of the country’s President Dilma Rousseff, who is currently suspended from office as she prepares to face a trial in the Senate after the Olympic Games that will be held in Rio de Janeiro beginning in August.

Rousseff was removed from office in May and replaced by Vice President Michel Temer.

Cunha initiated proceedings against Rousseff in December, accusing her of violating tax laws to hide deficits in the government finances.

“I have a clear conscience, because I helped make the country better and to rid it of a criminal government,” he said in reference to the Rousseff government.

Cunha also stressed his “confidence” in the Brazilian justice system and reiterated that he is going to prove his innocence.

A new leader of the Chamber of Deputies will be elected next week.



Eduardo Cunha

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