Can Dündar granted citizenship of Paris

Fugitive Turkish editor awarded for 'distiunguished services' by French city's mayor.


Hajer M'tiri - PARIS (AA) - The former editor-in-chief of Turkey’s Cumhuriyet newspaper was awarded honorary citizenship of Paris on Tuesday.

Can Dündar, who fled Turkey for Germany while awaiting the outcome of an appeal against a conviction for revealing state secrets, was awarded the honor for “distinguished services” by Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo at City Hall.

Last week, an arrest warrant was issued for Dundar and Cumhuriyet staff for membership of the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), which is said to be behind the July 15 coup attempt.

Dündar and the newspaper’s Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gül were sentenced to five years, 10 months’ imprisonment in June for revealing state secrets following a story alleging Turkey was smuggling weapons to Syria.



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