41 terrorists neutralized in Turkey over past week

Interior Ministry says 31 terrorists were killed and 10 were arrested or surrendered.

Sertaç Bulur - ANKARA (AA) – Over the last week 41 PKK terrorists have been neutralized in Turkey, including 15 who were killed in ground operations, three who were injured, four who were captured unharmed, and three who surrendered, the Interior Ministry announced today.

The 41 neutralized also includes 16 who were killed in operations by drones and planes, the statement added.

In addition, 31 improvised explosives were neutralized in 221 operations led by Gendarmerie special forces and commando units, the ministry said.

Also 50 shelters and hideouts used by the terrorists were destroyed in operations.

Five PKK terrorist attacks were foiled, while 44 heavy weapons, including 78 guns and 87 hand grenades, were seized, the ministry said.

In the operations, 394 people were also arrested for aiding and abetting terrorists.

In operations to cut off terrorist revenue streams, 737 people were arrested while 292 kilograms of heroin were seized, along with 10.8 tons of marijuana, 100 grams of cocaine, nearly 584,000 opiate drugs, three kg of the drug known as “bonzai,” 12.12 million smuggled cigarettes, and nearly 140,500 liters of fuel.

In a separate operation on Monday, over four tons of powdered marijuana hidden in various spots were seized by gendarmes in an operation in the Lice district of the southeastern Diyarbakir province, said the Diyarbakir’s Governor’s Office.

In separate operations to prevent illegal migration, 3,353 immigrants were caught, and 76 out of 93 human smugglers were arrested.

Also 29 out of 45 Daesh members who were arrested in operations against foreign terrorists were remanded in custody.



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