Alexis Tsipras receives minimum 151 votes needed for his leftist government to survive
Supreme Court rules National Accountability Bureau failed to provide grounds for cancelling bail and overstepped authority
Severe travel disruption expected Tuesday as Ver.di announces strikes on major hubs including Frankfurt and Munich
EU, a lucrative market for energy exports, pits US and Russia against each other over controversial pipeline project
Fire breaks out, followed by explosion, at bakery in 9th arrondissement of north-central Paris
Peaceful transition of power and economic growth seen in many African nations.
Hamas vows to keep staging demonstrations ‘until we’ve achieved our objectives'.
Supreme Court of Pakistan orders government to designate FETO, group behind 2016 defeated coup in Turkey, a terror group.
Dimitris Kufodinas, a convicted member of November 17 terror group, was granted furlough sixth time in a year.
President Erdogan says if terror groups exit Syria, there is 'no job' left, and Turkey is against partitioning Syria.
‘This announcement is proof that collective campaigning works,’ BDS campaigner asserts
The festival that started Thursday morning ended Saturday night.
Heavy rain in the city of Yalova in western Turkey affected the lives of its residents.
Some snapshots taken in the Balkans, the weekend of 8-9 September 2018
Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Solaris Solar Vehicle Team ranks 2nd in International Solar Car Contest.
With a view of the famous Mostar Bridge (Stari Most) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in the 16th century by...
Several demonstrations took place today (Sunday) in France to express support for the Palestinians in a context of rising tensions...
In southeastern Turkey, in the region of Hakkari, bordering Iran and Iraq, the Mehmetçik (Turkish soldiers), on mission, broke their...
At the 71st Cannes Film Festival, for the vision of "Girls of Sun" movie, directed by Eva Husson, among the...
In Osmaniye, in the South of Turkey, it was raining in the evening hours. The lightning that emerged formed, with...

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