Defense Ministers discuss anti-Daesh fight at US airbase

Meeting explores next steps against Daesh.

WASHINGTON (AA) – Defense ministers from nearly 30 countries gathered Wednesday at Andrews Joint Air Force Base to discuss the next step against Daesh in Syria and Iraq. 

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter hosted the event just outside the nation’s capital and discussed the acceleration of the U.S.-led coalition campaign, particularly in Iraq as Iraqi and Kurdish forces are encircling the militant group’s stronghold city of Mosul. 

The meeting is the fourth meeting since the anti-Daesh campaign began in August 2014.

“Today, we’ll identify both our enduring and emerging requirements and review our detailed metrics matrix of national contributions – going through it row by row, column and column, and country by country,” Carter said at the opening of the meeting.

He also noted the need to ensure “economic and political campaigns do not lag behind” military operations.

Carter and U.S. Central Command Commander Gen. Joseph Votel are expected to hold a press conference following the meeting.

 A separate meeting of defense and foreign ministers will be held at the State Department to discuss the political and economic dimensions of campaign against Daesh.




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